Visuals in the Classroom: Tools for Inclusion


Photo: CC BY Steve Corey (Flickr)

Photo: CC BY Steve Corey (Flickr)

If I were to chose a tool to make our classrooms more inclusive, then using visuals would be high up on the list. Visuals are a great tool to aid understanding as they allow children the time they need to process what they are being asked to do. They don’t have to hold the information in their heads.

Visuals are always there, unlike a fleeting word, so children can refer to them when they need to. This promotes independence and makes life easier for everyone.

As many of the children in my class are learning to communicate I use visuals for everything: schedules, independent work, one-to-one teaching, cooking, trips out of school, home-school diaries, art,music and storytelling…the list is endless! I also wear a lanyard with lots of visuals attached, which is particularly useful when moving from one activity to another.

In my school we use Matrix Maker from Inclusive Technology to create our visuals. These are some sites which allow you to create visuals at no cost:


Picture Set


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