Why Symbaloo?



When I began coordinating ICT in my present school there were six classes in the school and six classroom computers. Coordinating ICT was easy. I became aware of a new suitable programme which would benefit the pupils and I would discuss it with the class teachers, put it on all the computers and the teachers would use it.

My school now has sixteen classes each with their own iPads, iPods, laptops, interactive plasma screens and class PCs. Getting around to all the computers is not so easy.

There are many visual bookmarking tools out there but the one that I use and love is Symbaloo. I have installed it on all the school laptops and set it as the homepage, which means that when the teacher turns on the laptop the first page which opens up is the school’s  Symbaloo page.

Now when I find a weblink which I think is useful I pop it onto a tile on our our Symbaloo page and immediately all our teachers have access to it. I can make a collection of weblinks (called webmixes in Symbaloo) on a specific topic and add to it over time. All the teachers can add to it.  When new teachers join our school they can browse through the resources and add their own and because it is cloud based you can access your account from any device, anywhere.

Another really useful aspect of Symbaloo is that if another user has made their webmix public then everyone can see it and add it to their own account if you so wish. This is so useful as I can then see what other teachers are using and add it to my own collection.You can search the webmix gallery  and find excellent resources curated by others. Here is an example of lovely webmix by @mattgomez  which is fabulous for infant classes.


I would love to hear if any other schools are using this tool. I think technology that supports the teacher is wonderful and Symbaloo does just that.




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