Using Technology to Promote Communication


priory woods.JPG

Priory Woods Switch Videos were one of the very first resources which I used when I started teaching in special schools. They were developed by  Ian Bean during his time at Priory Woods. They are free to download from Priory Woods School Website. The idea behind them is that the child will be motivated to use a switch to play a favourite music clip. And indeed they are!

I once had a child in my class and I was having difficulty finding anything motivating for him to choose. He therefore had no reason to communicate with me. I put on this video of Scooby Doo on the plasma screen and he immediately looked up. When the clip ended he took my hand and put it on my laptop. He wanted the video clip again. I then showed him the Scooby Doo picture. He gave it to me and that is how his communication journey with me began. He was motivated to communicate and because I had the visual support available, he had a way to communicate with me.

You can easily create these little videos of your own by using Microsoft Photostory. I use them to entice my pupils to exchange a picture for a video. They are the most successful resource I have for getting children to communicate with me.

I normally ask parents to list their children’s favourite television programmes. I use Microsoft Photostory to create a little video clip based on parent recommendations. I laminate pictures of the characters, put the pictures on a choice board and leave them for the children to choose.


Useful links:

Microsoft Photostory

Priory Woods Switch Videos

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