Touchscreens in Special Ed.



In my classroom I use a 42″ touchscreen instead of an Interactive Whiteboard and I often get asked why I don’t just use an Interactive Whiteboard instead. I had many reasons for choosing this particular touchscreen for my school:

  • The screen is height-adjustable means that any child in the school from the three year olds to the eighteen year olds, including those children who use wheelchairs, can reach all parts of the board.
  • It has no projector and therefore no annoying shadow or sound.
  • It is tough, durable and I rarely need to recalibrate my screen.
  • The image is bright and a similar quality to a television and I do not have to darken the room.
  • They work with the slightest touch of the finger – no pens are required.
  • There is very little maintenance with these screens – We have 16 plasma screens and have been using them since 2009 and I have had to replace two touch panels in that time.

I get these screens from Inclusive Technology who have a great support service at the end of the telephone. The screens start at £2995 for the 43″ screen which is perfect for the classroom. If you have any questions about these screens feel free to ask.



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