Using Technology to Promote Communication


priory woods.JPG

Priory Woods Switch Videos were one of the very first resources which I used when I started teaching in special schools. They were developed by  Ian Bean during his time at Priory Woods. They are free to download from Priory Woods School Website. Continue reading

Why Symbaloo?



When I began coordinating ICT in my present school there were six classes in the school and six classroom computers. Coordinating ICT was easy. I became aware of a new suitable programme which would benefit the pupils and I would discuss it with the class teachers, put it on all the computers and the teachers would use it. Continue reading

Digital Portfolios: Making Learning Visible

When my eldest child started preschool it was a bit of a shock to me I have to admit.  For the very first time I entrusted my precious baby to people I hardly knew.  So there he was…three hours of the day on his own with people he didn’t really know and who didn’t know him. Continue reading

Apps I Use: Alien Buddies


Alien Buddies by Artgig Studio: I love this app and use it a lot in my classroom. It has four games; matching, puzzles, dot to dots and stickers. The games address a variety of skills such as number, colour, letter and shape recognition, finger isolation and matching. Continue reading