Wearable Visuals


In my classroom I follow the SCERTS model. SCERTS is an educational model which addresses the main challenges faced by children with autism and their families. The model focuses on  building competence in the areas of  social communication, emotional regulation and transactional supports and was  developed by Amy Wetherby, Amy Laurent, Barry Prizant and Emily Rubin. Continue reading

Touchscreens in Special Ed.



In my classroom I use a 42″ touchscreen instead of an Interactive Whiteboard and I often get asked why I don’t just use an Interactive Whiteboard instead. I had many reasons for choosing this particular touchscreen for my school: Continue reading

Visuals in the Classroom: Tools for Inclusion


Photo: CC BY Steve Corey (Flickr)

Photo: CC BY Steve Corey (Flickr)

If I were to chose a tool to make our classrooms more inclusive, then using visuals would be high up on the list. Visuals are a great tool to aid understanding as they allow children the time they need to process what they are being asked to do. They don’t have to hold the information in their heads. Continue reading