Making Space for The Competent Child

I have been following the  ICT in Education Conference, online, since 2012 and it never fails to make me think and rethink my ideas about education. This year was no exception.

The work of wonderful Youth Media Team, facilitated by Dr. Conor Galvin, Bernie Goldbach and Pam O’Brien, continues to evolve and this year, at the CESI conference and @ICTedu conference, they ran workshops to teach the ‘teachers’ about their recording processes. I love how the roles have been changed here. It would be interesting to hear from the Youth Media Team about how they perceived this experience.

I was delighted to see the tradition of  a pre-conference MakerMeet being continued. This year Bernie Goldbach brought his young children to the MakerMeet and he has recorded their responses to being participants in the MakerMeet here. Another essential viewpoint.

Making spaces for our young citizens to  be active participants in education is often spoken about and @ictedu this is certainly happening.

“We like to say that the child is competent but it is not enough just to declare this. If we really want the child to be competent, we have to change time, space, roles and rules to permit this competent child to exist.” -Carla Rinaldi